Central Asian Air Quality Platform
Aims to create constructive partnerships between members of civil society, scientific and academic communities, the media and government agencies to address the problem of air pollution in the Central Asian countries.
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AQCA 2022 is:
Initiating an air quality dialogue among Central Asian countries to support a regional clean air movement
Central Asian Air Pollution Research Database
Demonstration of technologies and measures to improve air quality by civil society, academia, and government agencies in Central Asia
Technologies in Central Asia and beyond to improve air quality
Sharing experiences on the availability of reliable data and information on air quality in Central Asia
Exploring new topics related to air quality, including in particular to gender, economics, and other aspects
Creating constructive partnerships between members of civil society, the scientific and academic communities, business, the media, and government agencies to support the clean air movement.
Regional cooperation to prevent sandy winds in cities and study the effects of anthropogenic air pollution on the environment.
First AQCA conference
The first AQCA platform conference took place in Bishkek from 10 to 11 March 2022 within the theme of improving air quality in Central Asian countries. The conference was organized to discuss, learn and share experience about air pollution, air quality monitoring and management.
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